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About Us

Our center was founded in 1998 as a center for teaching Russian language to foreigners. We possess the potential to open for you the window to greater knowledge and greater opportunities. The instructors at «Olympus» are all from of the Saint Petersburg State University. Saint Petersburg University is one of the principal centers for higher learning in Russia. It was founded by Peter the Great in 1724. The University is one of the oldest and most important educational and research institutions in the country.

The instructors at «Olympus» not only teach but also take care of the students. They plan and suitably structure the courses for every student or group. All the instructors are ever willing to do anything to help the students achieve the highest results in their chosen level for the study of the Russian language. From our teachers we expect not only professionalism but also good personal qualities: warm-heartedness, kindness, courteousness and much more — which they all possess in abundance.

By the end of the course you can take a certificate.

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